Kyle Rowsell

Kyle Rowsell

Kyle Rowsell’s passion for coffee is undeniable and incredibly infectious!
Honestly I love watching Kyle’s YouTube channel as his enthusiasm for coffee instantly has me hyped.

For me Kyle Rowsell makes learning about specialty coffee fun and exciting and inspired me to create this blog space. I want to say a massive thank you to Kyle for that. So thats why I reached out to Kyle and hoped that he could be apart of this intro series.
I was so pleased when I saw the response from Kyle asking me to send over my interview questions, what a guy!

I hope you enjoy the last interview of the intro series!

How did you first discover specialty coffee and what was the first brewing method that you used?

When I moved to the city I’m currently living in many years ago a close friend brought me to a local specialty coffee cafe. The barista introduced me to the Chemex and brewed me a Natural Ethiopian and tasted like Blueberries. This BLEW my mind. I never thought coffee could taste like this. And this began my specialty coffee journey.  

You have a YouTube channel which has become really popular within the online coffee community, what inspired you to start your channel? 

Ah I love this question. I’ve been helping friends get into specialty coffee for years. I’ve always found it ‘s an industry that hasn’t taken a focus on educating the newbie and I wanted to help change this. I also work with roasters and oversee wholesale accounts and help customers in their purchasing decisions with specialty coffee. And when Covid started I decided to bring my knowledge and experience to social media, and I couldn’t have imagined the response I would get. And for that I’m grateful. 

Is there anyone in the coffee industry that inspires you or that has influenced you?

My biggest influence was that barista who first inspired me to get into this wonderful craft. Outside of this, James Hoffman has been an inspiration on many levels. 

Do you have a favourite coffee origin and what tasting notes do you look for?

I’m not one for seeking out tasting notes. But that’s another conversation. I really loved Natural and washed Ethiopians. 

Whats your views on third wave coffee and your thoughts on the current coffee culture as it is today? 

I believe the industry is growing to better meet the needs of helping people brew coffee at home… which makes me excited. We are seeing great development on accessible equipment, more resources for teaching and learning, and more content on the internet than ever before. I believe the future of specialty coffee looks bright if it keeps on this path. 

If you could only choose one item what would you say is your most essential or favourite item on your brew bar?

My coffee burr grinder. Everything else is nice, but the only essential part of my bar is the burr grinder. It’s the most important piece of gear. If someone is reading this and wondering what they should put their money into when getting into coffee, don’t cheap out on the coffee grinder. It will make the biggest difference in results in the cup. 

Do you have any upcoming projects that we should keep a look out for? 

Always working on something. I have some fun videos coming soon and limited merchandise but keep your eyes peeled for that 🙂 

Thanks again to Kyle for taken the time. I am so appreciative to everyone who has helped me out and been apart of the intro series.

You can check out Kyle Rowsell and his awesome content on his web site, on his instagram page and on YouTube at

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