African Coffee Co

African Coffee Co

Thanks to African Coffee Co for sending these beans over for me to try!

African Coffee Co were super helpful, helping me pick out the roast that would be right for me based on my preferences and brewing methods. I went for the medium roast and these are 100% Ugandan arabica beans, dry processed.

I really like the simplicity of the packaging, its just straight to the point so you know what you’re getting.

I’ve had this for around a week now and I’ve tried it as espresso based flat white and latte as well as brewing on the Aeropress.

Even from the grinding stage I knew this was going to be a quality coffee. The aroma when grinding was rich and lush!
I use the Sage dose control and the grind setting I had this at when dialled in was set at 19.

Onto the espresso based drinks.
The crema was just wow, a real nice texture and colour.

To help me with this review I got my partner involved with her favourite latte. I kept the tasting notes a secret from her so that she was not influenced by them. After a few sips I asked her what flavours she picked up and the first word she said was caramel!
That mirrored my thoughts exactly with my flat white. The caramel is really prominent which is a real winner for me. It is a tasting note that I look for when choosing coffee beans.

I also brewed this as Aeropress. It was also lovely. This was really smooth and you could really taste the fruit flavours coming through.

For me African Coffee co are real class and quality, please check them out!

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