Timemore Black Mirror Plus

Black Mirror Plus

Massive thanks to Sigma Coffee UK for sending this over for me to try.

I had been looking for a new scale for a while. I had the Yugua barista scale which was perfect for starting out with espresso as it fit perfectly on the drip tray in my barista express but as I started to explore other brew methods I needed a more rounded scale that could do both espresso and manual brewing.

I have had the scale for about a month or so now. I wanted to really work with the scale before sharing my thoughts and bottom line is that this has become an absolute staple in my coffee routine.

Upon unboxing the Black Mirror scale the simplistic and minimalist design really impressed me. It feels like a premium product and looks right at home on my brew bar. 

It is a really sleek bit of kit with a black matt surface. It is also fingerprint and scratch resistant which is a plus point.

The plastic top or shell of the cover sits over the base. As the Black Mirror is not waterproof the way this cradles over and protects the electronics is well thought out and an interesting design spec.

The Black Mirror also comes with a silicone platform which sits on the shell. This is for the placement of your cup or coffee server and deters from any spillage or heat damage. 

One of the Black Mirror winning features, for me, is that the screen is completely invisible. That is until you switch the display on by touching the lower right corner. I think this is a really nice feature and keeps true to the minimalistic design. Once the display is switched on the screen is clear, bright and very legible. The display shows the weight, the time and also indicates the life of the battery.

My scale arrived fully charged and I have never had to recharge as of yet which is pretty impressive! .  It runs on a built in rechargeable lithium battery.

Included with the scale is a USB-C cable which allows for faster charging.

The Black Mirror has both a built in timer and a weighing scale which can be used simultaneously.

In my testing, using the scale in both my espresso and Aeropress routine I found the scale to be highly responsive and accurate which for me and I imagine for most people are the two most important features for brewing. Another plus is that I did not notice any sort of lag when pouring and found the sensitively to be perfect and true.

The Black Mirror is NOT a smart scale and I found this out the hard way as I was so certain that it was however this is not an issue for me at all. It’s not a feature that I had on a previous scale and not something that I was looking for or think that I would ever use however, if you are looking for a smart scale, Timemore have recently released a dual sensor scale which I believe is a smart scale.

My scale came calibrated straight out the box so this is something that I did not have to do initially and I believe that most of the units are pre-calibrated and ready to go.

Looking around at other scales that are on the market the obvious comparison is the Acaia range. I have seen the Black Mirror referred to as the Acaia killer and for me, at this price, it very well could be! If you are anything like me and want an accurate scale for espresso and manual brewing but could not justify the price of an Acaia the Black Mirror at half the price is perfect!

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