Timemore C2

I have had my Timemore C2 for a few months now. 
I thought I would use it for a few months before writing a review so that I could get a good feel for it to be able to gain a more rounded opinion and pick up on any pros and cons.

Timemore are a fairly young brand establish in 2012 specialising in the manual side of coffee brewing accessories.This is my first product from Timemore and also my first ever manual coffee grinder. 
I wanted a hand grinder for travelling but I had a fairly modest budget which ruled out the likes of the Comandante, I watched a few reviews and heard good things about the C2 and coming in at roughly £60 it ticked the boxes.
Being a budget grinder I didn’t have massive expectations but I can honestly say I am pleasantly surprised by the C2. 

So lets get into it but please bare in mind, this is the first and only hand grinder I have used and is purely my opinion in what I have found using the C2 over the last few months.


My first thought when I took it out the box was how lightweight it was. It weighs around 467g which makes this grinder pretty lightweight compared to many of its competitors which I found perfect for traveling.

Breaking down the grinder into materials, the body of the C2 is made up of aluminium with a square-matrix pattern that makes for a textured surface which I found ideal as it provides extra grip for grinding.
The handle crank and burrs are made of stainless steel and the handle grip, lid and the adjustment lever are made of plastic which contributes to its lightweight.

As well as being lightweight it is also fairly compact with the body diameter measuring 147 x 52mm and the handle length at 159mm. However one thing to take into account is the handle is attached to the lid which is a drawback if your looking for a slimline profile.

It also comes in a variety of colours. I chose the white option with the matt finish but it also comes in blue, red and black. 


The C2 functions on a 38mm stainless steel conical burr set and dual bearings.
The grind setting can be adjusted by clicks, the clicks are indicated by dots that surround the dial and this indicate the grind size. 
There are 36 adjustable clicks ranging from Espresso to French press. The manual issued with the grinder advises the grind range of 10-14 clicks for Espresso through to 25-27 clicks for French Press.

The grounds hold capacity is roughly around 25 grams so if you are brewing just the one cup of coffee it’s perfect but anything over and above this you may need to look at other options.

My Thoughts

Aesthetically it is clean, simple and pretty.
Ideal for travelling due to it being so lightweight and a compact profile.
I have used for this grinder for Aeropress brewing and although Timemore claim this can produce for espresso I personally think it may be hard to produce fines for this. Although this is a pretty fast grinder this may take some time and heck of a lot of elbow grease to produce for espresso.

In my opinion the C2 is the perfect entry level hand grinder and surpassed my expectations and I would 100% recommend.

If you have any questions on the C2 at all please just drop me a message on my Instagram page mmdailygrind and I will be more than happy to chat about the C2 and that goes for anything coffee related!

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